27th January 2019

Bramber castle

Previous Years:

27th January 1999

The Corner, Finchley road and Frognal

Definitely one of the worst pictures on the whole collection, this. The building was opposite our flat on the other side of Finchley road. I took the picture out of my window, probably just before going to bed. It must have been a boring day! I did like this building though, and used to stare out over at it quite a lot.

27th January 2009

Emma Shepherd outside fruit and veg shop, Spitalfields Market

It’s very hard to know what to write about this photo. This is Emma Shepherd. One of my oldest and best friends. You will find her later on in 2009 and also in 1999. She died last year and I’m still not sure how to talk about her. So for now I shall say – this is Emma, a very important person, dressed for the weather, in Spitalfields Market.