3rd January 2019

Ironing board, Downley

Previous Years:

3rd January 1999

MW working on Comic Relief Jukebox – On a Sunday!

This is me at work in the office at the BBC. I was totally alone in the place and I set the camera on its timer to take the picture. I remember posing to look at my screen so I would seem ‘natural’ and busy. I don’t really know why I thought it was necessary to go in and work on a Sunday but perhaps after the Christmas holidays there was a bit of a backlog of work to get through. It was certainly a much more peaceful time to get things done than trying to organise and clear clips when the office was full of people. Behind me the real Comic Relief production team worked to organise the TV events, but the programme I was making was a pre-Comic Relief series and really dull. It was presented by Zoe Ball and went out in the six weeks leading up to the main event. It was basically a clip show in which we showed the first par of several ‘classic’ comedy moments and then invited viewers to ring in and vote for the clips they wanted to see in their entirety. The money went to Comic Relief, and I seem to remember we didn’t cheat in those days – we actually showed the clips that got the most votes.

There were about 20 people in that evening class, all of them women, I don’t really know now why I chose it, though I did like looking at some of the books we were supposed to study. We also looked at a lot of slides and I can still remember the somnolence of sitting there on a Thursday evening in the dusty dark and listening, with my eyes mostly shut to the slide and click and whirr of the machine. The course met in the art room of a Comprehensive school in Holland Park, where the toilets we had to use had no locks on the doors and no mirrors above the hand basins which were always bunged up with loo paper because there weren’t any plugs either – it must have been a rough school, or maybe I’d just forgotten what school was like.

3rd January 2009

Poster for J-Date in West Hampstead

This billboard hits the eye as soon as you come out of West Hampstead tube station. In case you can’t read the caption on the poster it says “What's more, he’s Jewish”. It replaces a poster for the same Jewish dating website that featured a feisty looking blonde chick kick-boxing. Two of my best-friends are members of J-date.

Ah, the J- Date advert. Strategically placed in one of London’s affluent North West London enclaves. It’s funny how his eyes follow you as  you cross the road…  There isn’t really much more I can say about this photo, ten years on. Would it happen now? Probably not in High Wycombe.