4th January 2019

Falling Tree, Downley

Previous Years:

4th January 1999

Die Young, Stay Pretty at the ICA, the Mall, SWI

This must have been in the evening after work. I was a member of the ICA for quite a few years and loved going to the bar there. So did RT, my boyfriend, who you can just see peeking around the corner behind the bored-looking invigilator. I have to say, I did find most of the exhibitions a bit difficult to understand, though this one had a very sexy title. I’ve no idea now what this artwork is or who made it. It looks like a skyray ice lolly crossed with a lamp.

4th January 2009

Christmas Cards

We must have really dragged out Christmas back in 2009. Here are some of our Christmas cards  still out on display on the 5thof January. And reflected in the mirror, me and Dave on the sofa. Did we get as many cards last year as we did back in 2009? I don’t think so. Are we, as a whole getting sick of going to the effort of sending out Christmas cards in the real post when a quick snap of us or our kids wearing horrible jumpers can carry the message for free when we post it on our Facebook or Instagram account? Maybe.