5th January 2019

Walk in the Woods, Downley

Previous Years:

5th January 1999

Steven and Rouven Comic Relief Jukebox, BBC

I haven’t really been sure if I should name all the players in my photos-of-the-day from 1999? What if they object to appearing on some woman’s website ten years after I snapped them?  So I’m going to use initials for the people who appear more frequently and who were the people I saw on a regular basis, name the rest, and hope for the best.

5th January 2009

Brutalised tree

There’s a special word for the procedure that this tree has been subjected to, but I can’t remember what it is. I thought it was ‘polyped’ but I’m not sure now. Either way, it makes the tree look stunted and abused, especially on a dark January day like today, like a bunch of tight, grey fists.

Note - I'm told the word is pollarded.

Poor old pollarded tree. You’ll find a lot of trees in my Photos of the Day. They’re old friends, sentinels on the streets where we live, guardians of the paths that run between the houses. So when gets brutalised I feel it.