6th January 2019

Goodbye Christmas Trees, High Heavens

Previous Years:

6th January 1999

PH and VR, Finchley Road

PH and VR in the kitchen of our flat. PH made that place look great, those are her pictures on the wall behind them. She was a great car-booter.

6th January 2009

Christmas tree left on the pavement

This is the third one of these I've seen round our way today.

Another poor tree. And judging by the photo I took today, things haven’t changed much in ten years. We still think we must have a ‘real’ Christmas tree – so much more magical, so much lovelier, but a week or so after the big day, sooner these days I think, we just junk ‘em! Unless you’re my Dad, who keeps a wizened little tree in a pot in the garden and brings it in every December to bedeck with tinsel. Surely there has to be a happy medium. Monty Don says mulch your tree down as compost – if you have one of those garden shredder things.   Maybe next year