7th January 2019

The Craft Coop, Eden Centre, High Wycombe

Previous Years:

7th January 1999

Hotel Turner, Porta Pia, Rome

This is me in a hotel bedroom in Rome. I’m writing a diary that I’ve since lost. My boyfriend had to attend a conference in Rome and he took me with him, which felt incredibly decadent. I was very pleased at the time with how eventful 1999 was turning out to be – here I was, just seven days into the year, and enjoying my first mini-break to Europe. We must have raided the mini-bar because I seem to be drinking a mini-bottle of champagne – out of a plastic tooth mug. The watch by my bed is broken now. It was a piece of marketing for the film ‘Perfect Day’ starring Michelle Pfeiffer that I won in a writing competition run by the Odeon Cinema at Swiss Cottage. The Body Shop don’t make those lip balms anymore.

7th January 2009

Lamp at special sale price, Ryness, Old Compton Street

Every home should have one of these! And there's no excuse not to treat yourself at prices like this.

There’s not much to say about this picture, except that the Moulin Rouge is probably the ugliest lamp I have ever seen, and still a bit on the pricey side at £28.50.( Ignore my wry humour of yesteryear.) But Ryness, now there’s a good shop – for bulbs and electrical things. This shop was the one in Soho. What was I doing there ten years ago today? I’ve no idea.