8th January 2019

Glass animals at the barber’s shop

Previous Years:

8th January 1999

Sightseeing at the Coliseum, Rome, Italy

It seemed a bit strange to be 'on holiday' in the middle of the Winter and to be exploring the sites on my own. But I quite enjoyed that bit! I spent all day walking the city, and trying not to look like too much of a tourist. What can I remember about the coliseum? Cats, big lumps of stone, the fabulous shape of the place, like a wedding cake.

8th January 2009

Graffiti, Shoot Up Hill, North West London

Some colourful graffiti somewhere in North West London. This time 10 years ago I had finished work having been told by the hospital that was looking after me that my pregnancy was having some ‘complications’ as they put it. The baby wasn’t growing to their satisfaction, and there were concerns – lots of possible outcomes and not a lot of reassurance to be honest. It was a really worrying time and I felt that I couldn’t start a new work contract with that hanging over me, especially as I was having to visit the hospital on a weekly basis for check-ups. My due date was four months away but I didn’t look pregnant at all, I felt like a fake. So I walked off my worries, just as I always have.