9th January 2019

Man with Parrot in Fabric Land, Reading

(Note – this picture is a good example of what I like to call Photo of the Day Gold. A thing that just happened, which I could capture on camera to make a more interesting image than some you’ve already been treated to (Ironing board on January 3rd for example). In order to get this shot I had to engage the man and his parrot in conversation – they were both very nice, and I was allowed to stroke the parrot on the beak but not the feathers.)

Previous Years:

9th January 1999

Coming Back From the Botanic Gardens, Rome

This was my second Botanial garden in two weeks. Again, I went off to find this place on my own, and enjoyed discovering it for myself. This photo was taken on my way back to the hotel, I'd just walked over this bridge, the gardens were up to the left somewhere behind that big cream building. My feet were killing me by this time.

9th January 2009

Curly sitting on my desk, West Hampstead, London

There is so much going on in this photo!  It’s a right trip down memory lane. Sometimes the dullest photographs become the most interesting ten years on because they reflect how you really lived at the time, unlike the portrait or group shot, or holiday view. This is where I worked in the flat I shared with Dave. It was supposed to be the dining table but it became my desk. Look at my huge, chunky laptop! And the mobile phone- it’s so big! Also in shot are my favourite purple socks and a very large pair of pink pants (I was pregnant at the time). And of course there is Curly. Wearing her funny little collar with its dinky little bell. She wouldn’t be seen dead in that now.