10th January 2019

Cat enjoying the warm air from Little Tescos, Downley

Previous Years:

10th January 1999

Roman policeman unwinding flags

I thought the reflection of the flag's colours in the wet cobbles was nice. The policemen also had wonderful uniforms and were very sharp-looking.

I'd forgotten how hard it is to take photos of complete strangers in the street. You either have to compromise the picture by grabbing a quick snap and then making a fast getaway, or risk incurring their wrath, or at the very least their curiosity by making it obviously what you're doing. So often I missed a really good picture because I didn't have the nerve to go right up to the subject and shove my camera in their face. I still can't do that.

10th January 2009

Ice sculpture outside The Natural History Museum

An ice sculpture outside the Natural History Museum. Another solitary walking day I seem to remember.  All these sculptures looked amazing, sparkling in the light. It was about 5pm when I took this shot. I hadn’t gone specially to see the sculptures, I just sort of stumbled across them.  I like the Prometheus look of this one