11th January 2019

High Wycombe seen from The Pastures

Previous Years:

11th January 1999

Tube trouble, Finchley Road 8.25am

This is Finchley Road tube station, my local tube back in 1999. I don't know if it's coincidence or not but after five years living in the East End I have moved back to the same area I was living in ten years ago. I suppose I felt at home in this part of London, and when I got sick of the urban sprawl of the East End it seemed like the best place to go to next. Finchley Road tube station is nothing special to look at, but you can swap from the Jubilee Line to the Metropolitan, and its the last outside station before both lines head underground.

11th January 2009

John Womersley and Kaden, by the river near London Bridge

My brother feeding my nephew, who must have been about ten months old at the time.  Now he’s a strapping lad of ten and a top cousin to Dexter. I think I was impressed to see how well John was handling the bottle – it’s always a special thing when you see a sibling caring for their small children.