12th January 2019

Listening to Ready Player One on the way to Wargrave

Previous Years:

12th January 1999

My bedroom with the washing drying

The flat at 471 Finchley Road was a maisonette above a row of shops. My bedroom was on the top floor and was pretty big, though cold in the Winter. I never met the landlord who lived overseas and we were pretty much left to our own devices when it came to decorating. I painted the walls of my room deep purple and lime green, and I 'stippled' the blinds with a mixture of blue and purple poster paint. At the time I thought it looked pretty good, and I particularly liked the green wall which was very restful to look at on waking up in the morning. The photos of Joan Crawford in the corner are publicity shots from a film she made called 'Queen Bee' which I once wrote an essay about. She looks monstrous in that film, and beautiful at the same time.

12th January 2009

Julia Bell being interviewed at Writloud by James Vincent, RADA Bar

This is an interesting one. Members of the Birkbeck MA in Creative Writing team introducing an evening of readings at the Rada bar and performance space in Bloomsbury. That’s Julia Bell sitting on stage, my teacher and a great author in her own right. It looks like they’re fielding a question from the audience.