14th January 2019

Dexter colouring in a viking

Previous Years:

14th January 1999

On the Way To Parkinson, BBC TV Centre

I went to watch a recording of Michael Parkinson’s eponymous chat show. I can’t remember who was on now, but can vividly recall drinking the free wine and eating the free party snacks in the green room afterwards. I got to go because I was working with Parkinson’s son at the time.

14th January 2009

Last night out at The Astoria, Tottenham Court Road

If you liked live music and lived in London during the 1990s and early 2000s then chances are you were a regular visitor to the Astoria. By the time this photo was taken I wasn’t such a frequent gig goer as I’d once been, but I always liked to check out the board to see who was playing, although usually you could get a rough idea of the main attraction by checking out the tribes queueing up the side of the building. I saw so many great bands here, and I also did some strange things here, like filming a series of TV promos for BBC 4 in the backstage area and the dressing rooms, and getting heckled for being a ‘lesbian’ while filming a Hawkwind gig. This whole bit of London has been totally ‘transformed’ in the last ten years as the Crossrail development has progressed. Actual streets have been wiped out and built over. ‘When will London be finished?” we used to wail, half-joking. I guess never is the answer, it just evolves onwards. I always remember recognising the ‘cool girl from work with the pink hair’ at a gig here. The next day I plucked up courage to say ‘Hi’ to her and ask her what she thought of the band. Many years later, with various music festivals and gigs behind us, we’re still great friends. Thank you, Astoria.