15th January 2019

Marly the beautiful – look at his different coloured eyes

Previous Years:

15th January 1999

Mike Parkinson Jnr. Assistant Producer, Comic Relief Jukebox

Mike worked with me on Comic Relief Jukebox as the other AP. He was a great laugh, and never took the producer too seriously, much to the producer’s annoyance sometimes. I think this may have been his first job in telly, but he stuck with it, and was working as a producer a couple of years later. I think he married one of the comedians from ‘Smack the Pony’ – but don’t quote me on that.

15th January 2009

Tropical fish at the O2 Centre, Finchley Road

When the O2 centre first opened it was famous for its tropical fish tanks which were huge, and for its rocky waterfall escalator up to the mezzanine level. In its first year the O2 Centre was twinned by an artist called Adam Chodzko with an acre of Desert in Arizona, and in that acre of real desert there was a sign post with the directions of how to get to the O2 Centre on it. Earlier this year they ripped out the rocks and the waterfall and the big fish tanks so that they could put yet another café into the space. There are now three cafes in the 02 centre - all chains. The fish tanks are smaller and more compact.

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Fiiiissshhh! There’s a shopping centre on the Finchley Road called the O2 and in there, among the fake landscape of fibreglass rocks and plastic tropical planting are fish tanks containing real fish. I loved taking photos of them as I passed through the entre on my ‘beat’ between Finchley road and home in West Hampstead. Ten years on and we now have a huge fish tank in our kitchen. But it is nothing to do with me.