16th January 2019


Previous Years:

16th January 1999

RT, Cooking at 471a Finchley Road

Here is RT cooking a stir-fry on a Saturday night. The back to front clock says it’s 8 o’clock.

16th January 2009

Cordelia Feldman, West Hampstead 9.45am

This is Cordelia, one of my best friends. She’s looking pretty cold here on the wet chilly streets of West Hampstead. We met around 2006 when we were both on the Creative Writing MA at Birkbeck University. She has been a wonderful friend ever since. When I met her she was dealing with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, which could flare up and disrupt her creativity and her life quite severely. She was doing her best to manage it with help from her doctors, but sometimes things would fall apart a bit. She is probably the best critic and editor of my work I have ever had, and absolutely the most encouraging, nurturing reader. Her own writing is also wise and entertaining and full of colour. About six years ago, whilst still only in her early 30s she was diagnosed with breast cancer and told it was incurable. Since then she has undergone a lot of treatment, surgery and illness, but through it all she has remained a loyal and supportive friend and a fantastically entertaining person to spend time with. She is probably one of the people I most admire.