17th January 2019

Cleaning the bathroom window

Previous Years:

17th January 1999

People flying kites at Hampstead Heath – Parliament Hill

The most famous place for flying a kite in London. I like the movement and the concentration in this picture. Kite-flying can be a serious business.

17th January 2009

Light in the backgarden, West Hampstead

The backyard at 17, Minster Road. I loved this view of the French doors that lead into our ground floor flat. The walls of the room inside were painted a rich banana yellow, which I wasn’t sure I would be able to live with when we first moved in, but I came to love it quite quickly.  I planted lots of pots here, and started to enjoy gardening for the first time since I’d been a child. This flat and this view of it also inspired a short story I wrote around this time about a monstrous wild creature that lived along the railway lines of London and crept up the banks in the night to hunt. Our flat was three houses down from the railway line, which ran parallel to the house in a deep cutting. We never saw the trains but we heard and felt them all through the day and night. I can remember listening to the silence in the early hours of the morning when no trains, except the odd strange one ran.  Seen here is young Curly, reflecting the winter sun with her golden fur.