18th January 2019

Cat behavioural guide, Chiltern Centre, High Wycombe

Previous Years:

18th January 1999

Transfer No. 1 – 4th floor BBC

This was 10 hours spent in a small, darkened room with no windows and just an editor for company as we transferred comedy clips from a bunch of archive tapes. That’s my notebook on the desk with all the timecodes of the clips we would have needed.

18th January 2009

David Robb eating a Tunnock's tea-cake, West Hampstead 11.30am

Dave in his bathrobe eating a cream egg. He is sitting at my desk so I suspect he must have been visiting me on his way to the kitchen – probably on a weekend day, almost certainly not before 11am! Needless to say, we are both still fans of the crème egg and can be found stalking the aisles of Little Tesco on Boxing Day, waiting for the hungover staff to start putting the first ones out, ready for Easter.