19th January 2019

Visiting the Charles Dickens Museum, London

Previous Years:

19th January 1999

Flower Shop, West Hampstead

This florist’s shop is still there. It looks really good on dull Winter days when the baskets of hyacinth bulbs and crocuses seem especially necessary.

19th January 2009

Kitchen table, Monday night

There’s a lot of ephemera on the kitchen table in his picture. Leaning against the wall is a photo of my sister Helen, taken during the previous and first Photo of the Day project in 1999. She never liked this picture showing her rolling a cigarette (she’s given up now) but it was one of my favourites. Also, you can see my trusty spirit level, hot-water bottle with furry cover, favourite blue hole punch and purple ‘Writing’ folder. I still have all these things. The painting next to Helen is by Dave, during his ‘dabby’ period. And Yummy, a packet of salt and vinegar French fries! I could eat them now.