20th January 2019

Examining the black patch where the Guy Fawkes bonfire was

Previous Years:

20th January 1999

Going to bed early on a work night

The cat with me is Patrick, who belonged to my flatmate PH. I’m reading the guide to February films at the National Film Theatre. I must have still been going down there a lot in those days. I think I’m wearing the hat as a joke – it wasn’t that cold in my room.

20th January 2009

Barack Obama sworn in as the 44th US President

I can remember the excitement and happy anticipation of this day. Seeing Obama sworn in as the U.S. president felt as though, for once, History was moving in the right direction. A new dawn of equality, thoughtfulness and personal as well as national responsibility was going to make us all better humans. I’m looking at this photo now, exactly ten years almost to the minute since it was taken and it feels as though the state of world affairs has done a massive U-turn and is going backwards towards less enlightened times.