22nd January 2019

The biggest snow-flakes I’d ever seen!!

Previous Years:

22nd January 1999

Karen Nichols, Mike Leggo’s PA, BBC TV Centre, over-worked

Karen was a friend of mine for a few years after we met at the Garden History evening class – she was a much more conscientious student of gardens than me, and an excellent gardener herself. It’s funny reading the caption for this picture now, as eight years later I ended up working for Mike Leggo myself, when he’d left the BBC and had set up a company called Unique. I never saw him while I was at the BBC, and actually had no idea who he was – he was just my mate’s boss, who, as the caption says, must have over-worked her.

22nd January 2009

Me, on my new blue ball

Here I am sitting on one of those bouncy ball things that’s supposed to be good for pregnant people. (I think Dave sat on it more than I did and he uses one now for work). The room around me is littered with lost objects – I loved that squidgy poof! The round table was on long loan from my sister in law. It always surprises me when I see it back in her house. A copy of Televisual magazine on the arm of the sofa – a reminder of my long lost TV careers, Does Televisual even still exist? I bet not. The wooden table is cluttered with objects too and there are what look like hats and coats on the sofa. I’d like to say that we live a less messy life 10 years on, but that would be a lie.