23rd January 2019

Snow Day, Downley

Previous Years:

23rd January 1999

University reunion - David Bradbury, Me, Chris Rodden, Belinda Fenn, Earls Court

We’d met in a pub here I think because it was near to the branch of Waterstones that Chris was working in. It was inevitable I suppose that several of my University friends would end up in London. DB moved up soon after me and lived for a while in Kilburn in my old flat there before moving to Tooting. Chris worked in bookshops for years before going to Norwich to do an MA, and Belinda had some interesting times travelling through Europe with a theatre group. It must have been in her honour that we met that evening – a flying visit to the Smoke. She’s married now and has three little girls. DB has moved to Australia now and I miss him a lot.

23rd January 2009

Dolls in the window of a junk shop, Mill Lane, West Hampstead

Seeing these shop window pictures (there seem to be quite a few in January 2009) has stopped me taking quite so many in 2019. The windows must have drawn my eye enough to warrant the photo, but now, what do they really say about the times I lived in? Not much, except that shops and how we shop have become a big interest of mine, something that I worry around (rather than about) a lot. I can see the sign for the vet reflected in the shop window so I know this particularly dollish display was up Mill Lane, West Hampstead. It represents a particular sub-shop interest in Junk shops and emporiums. More on that later this year.