24th January 2019

Watching Cat People whilst making Tape-measure holders to send to America

Previous Years:

24th January 1999

Gasometers, Kings Cross, Dusk

RT and I used to enjoy walking around London for hours and I always found this area between Kings Cross and Camden quite interesting. The outline of the gasometers looked beautiful against the velvety blue sky. They’re gone now though, torn down to make way for all the new developments in that area.

24th January 2009

Boys and men outside comic shop in Camden

When Dave saw this picture he said "Where's that shop?" I said "It's on Inverness Street," Dave said (just as I knew he would) "Ooh I'd like to go there."

Another shop! Mega City Comics. Where was this? Brighton maybe? Camden? Probably. I’ve always been curious about the tribes and genres we divide ourselves into. Just looking at this picture, my nose begins to wrinkle in anticipation at how the interior of this place would have smelt – of freshly printed paper of course!