25th January 2019

Cat child posing, Steyning

Previous Years:

25th January 1999

Transfer No 2, BBC - 8 hours in a dark room

The second leg of my clip transfer at the BBC. Those big green and grey things on the top shelf of the trolley were known as ‘2 inch tapes’ because that was the gauge of the magnetic tape inside. They were cumbersome and old and were being phased out back then. Old programmes from the 70s and early 80s were stored on them, but I’m sure they’ve all been transferred to electronic media by now. 

CORRECTION! Harvey Williams writes: 

Not wishing to pick holes, but those tapes are 1" tapes, not 2"! You can tell cos the spool numbers begin with an H. And also, because VT8 didn't have a 2" playback machine (in fact, I'm not sure there was a 2" machine anywhere on the 2nd floor by 1999). But yes, even all the BBC's 1" tapes have now been safely transferred to digibeta and/or solid state storage by now. Hurrah!

Thanks Harvey!

25th January 2009

Emma Jackson, David Robb, Steve Templeman editing New Horizon film, West Hampstead

Dave is helping Emma and Steve edit a short documentary featuring young people talking about their experiences of gangs. More information about the work of New Horizon here.

Dave’s study at our flat. He edited a short film for some friends in 2009 - you can see them here with him - we didn’t really know the guy, but the lady by the window is Emma Jackson, now a much celebrated academic, once a teenage popstar. The film was about a youth project and the launch was hosted by Jon Snow, the Channel Four newscaster. He thanked me and Dave in his speech and we were well chuffed.