1st January 2019


Seagulls, Hastings Old Town

Previous Years:


1st January 1999

Millennium Dome – One Year Early

I remember being pretty pleased that I could kick off the photo-of-the-day project with a picture of the Millennium Dome. After all, in the turn of the year the whole country would be focussed on it when it became the epicentre of our New Labour-flavoured Millennium celebrations. On the 1st of January 1999 however it was an empty, dull-looking place – a bit like a deflated balloon or some kind of hovercraft. 

Looking at the picture again now I’m also reminded that I felt pretty pleased with myself that I was out and about on New Years Day and not stuck at home with a hangover. In actual fact the day before I had helped my boyfriend move all his stuff into my room at the flat I shared with two other women. He was going to be staying with me for the next six weeks while he looked for a new flat-share of his own. We’d been too tired to go out after shifting all his belongings up from South London, and it had been nice to stay in, drink a bottle of champagne at midnight, and go to bed soon after. After all, we knew we’d be doing something much more exciting the following New Year’s Eve, so it didn’t seem to matter if we weren’t painting the town red that particular night.

Note: It seems strange to think of it now, but in the two or three years that led up to 2000 there was fairly widespread confusion as to how you spelt the word ‘millennium’. Did it have two ‘l’s and ‘two ‘n’s? Was the ‘M’ always a capital? Only the really big dictionaries contained the word and when I was working at the British Film Institute a rather large and expensive batch of catalogues about their millennium restoration project had to be re-printed when the word appeared without its full compliment of ‘l’s.

1st January 2009

Birdfood, West Hampstead

Left over bread sauce and peas from our New Year’s Eve dinner last night, mixed with blueberries past their best. It’s been cold recently so I put this out for the birds today, but no birds came and in the end a squirrel ate the bread bits.

Note - I was trying to remember if you could get blueberries back in 1999 but I can’t.

Do you remember how a while back there was an Instagram craze for taking photos of fabulous food – either things that you’d cooked yourself from a recipe by a celebrity chef, or paid a lot of money for in a fancy restaurant? Well before all that there was Photo of the Day, and this. Like I said in the introduction, this is not a collected of photos intended to make you jealous or in awe of my powers of photography, and if any further proof of that statement was required you should look no further than this dish of leftovers. 


Interesting Photo Fact – I still have this dish.